New (ish) Year, New (ish) Me

January is a crap time to start making unachievable promises. We still feel bloated from Christmas, we still have all that chocolate sat in the house that we didn’t quite get round to, and we still have a few bottles of wine lurking around the house.

My new year (new me) starts in February. Now it’s not quite a new me, I’m still the same annoying person I’ve always been but I re-evaluate my health, goals, and whatever else I’ve been putting up with or wanted to start but haven’t got round to yet.

Towards the back end of last year, I had some health issues that needed addressing. One of which was solved by increasing my salt intake and planning what I ate and when I ate it. I’ve been a bit of an organising nerd here but it’s well worth doing. I have started to meal plan, and although the idea is by no means new, it’s something I never got round to doing.

I would wander round the supermarket throwing whatever into the trolley, spending a fortune on food only to get home and not know what to make for dinner so we’d get a takeaway because it was too much effort to cook. Sound familiar?

Here’s an example of what I plan:


Whilst probably not the healthiest options in the world, it was still a plan, and a lot better than 3-4 takeaways A WEEK!

I also plan my exercise every day so I know what I’m doing and when so I have no excuses to miss a workout.

So my main focus this year is to tackle what I’m fuelling my body with as a bad diet does nothing for PB’s and improvements. To be honest, my bad diet has been leaving me feeling bloated, lethargic, and my confidence has never been as low. So, here’s to a New (ish) Year, and a New (ish) Me.

If you would like to download the meal planning template above click here.



2 thoughts on “New (ish) Year, New (ish) Me

  1. Pedalling Progress says:

    I decided, last year, that it wasn’t worth making too many plans until January was over but, this year, I pedalled 300+ miles in January!

    Good to give yourself targets and make plans though, although I’ve been finding things messed around by the weather and not wanting to risk weeks out of action, because of an accident…


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